Eric is writing in third person and is OK with it. E is a senior designer at a small studio in Charleston South Carolina called Fuzzco. E participated in the 2016 Typography Summer School in Gowanus Brooklyn, hosted by Fraser Muggeridge and Other Means.

E recently designed a headline/display font called Coplestons that you can buy for money. E used to work at Nelson Cash in Chicago, and also lived in Chicago from 2005—2015.

When not graphic designing, I may be found painting a wall, vacuuming a floor, reading books, skateboarding or staring into space.

Services Offered

  • Branding
  • Website design
  • Website build
  • App design
  • Custom typography
  • Traditional/digital illustration
  • Writing, refining writing

Services Not Offered

  • Magic Tricks
  • Babysitting
  • Lawn care
  • Personal trainer
  • Speech writing

Self Portrait

Eric Ellis, self portrait, 2014.

Select Work

Ongoing •

Selected logos

2017 •

I wrote and designed this catalog to be printed on our office Brother laser printer, black and white, cheap letter paper, folded in half and sent out with every order. Re-written at quarterly intervals. Every printable inch of space was utilized to tell the story behind the products, and provide context for their origin.

2016 •

Branding refresh, website and collateral for a Chicago furniture maker.

2016 •

Website design and build for a summer reading initiative from the folks at MailChimp. Read This Summer is a summer reading initiative put on by MailChimp in affiliation with the Decatur GA Book Festival to promote reading. Visit the internet website.

2015 •

A typeface inspired by an old sign in Charleston. The family uses a mixture of hard and soft curves on a geometric framework. Intended for usage in short bursts. Purchase for money.

2015 •

Casual writing, loose drawings. An identity and website for a Nashville restaurant. Visit the internet website portal.

2016 •

Website layout/art direction for Invision’s With Fuzzco. Illustration by Colin Pinegar.

2015 •

Website UI/UX for MoveLoot (now defunct)

2015 •

Website UI/UX for Obey Clothing, where cool teens buy clothing.

2015 •

Website UI/UX for Sawkille furniture.

2013 •

Printed catalog for an enviornmentally-savvy flooring company called Interface (parent company of FLOR). The catalog was to announce a new type of flooring product produced from recycled fishermans nets. In collaboration with Seth Hoekstra.